About us

Marcin Szulc is a Certified Translator (Polish to and from English) and a professional member of the Irish Translators’ and Interpreters’ Association. The full listing of professional members and certified translators can be found on the Association’s website.

ITIA Certificate for 2017-2019

Marcin Szulc is also a sworn translator and interpreter authorised by the Polish Department of Justice and listed under no. TP/111/14.

Certificate of Qualification as a Sworn Translator/Interpreter
Certificate of Enrolment in Polish Department of Justice

Marcin Szulc is also a qualified Solicitor and a member of the Law Society of Ireland. You can rest assured that all the subtleties of the legal jargon will get translated. We specilise in translation of book of evidence, pleadings, birth and marriage certificate and other legal documents.

We have been providing translation services of any and all documents from Polish to English and from English to Polish since 2005.

In his legal career Marcin Szulc oftentimes encountered inaccurate translations performed to an unprofessional and wholly unacceptable standard. Marcin Szulc provides translation services to professionals who require accurate, dependable and high calibre quality legal language services between Polish and English.We only work between Polish and English where we can guarantee the highest possible quality and accuracy in translation. As a solicitor and translator Marcin Szulc has worked with other solicitors, courts and the Gardaí to offer a precise and correct professional service, including translation of legal documentation, litigation papers and contracts. For an increasingly demanding legal industry, we provide ever the more dependable and quality-oriented legal translation services. No other professional service pays as much attention to details of language as does the legal industry does. Ensuring that every line of text, idea, argument (and even accent) is completely understood and correctly translated, is thus vital in the legal profession. For service where even the smallest mistake can cause adverse consequences Marcin Szulc invaluable legal experience and dedication ensures each translation meets the requisite exacting standards of excellence. Obviously, in each case, when we translate, we translate and nothing more. We will never accept instructions to act for your Client for whom we translated documents. All of above comes as standard; we accept Department of Justice/Legal Aid rates for translations in criminal cases.