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  • Type A
  • 30

  • Birth Certificate (full or abridged)
  • Marriage Certificate (full or abridged)
  • Vetting Certificate
  • Insurance Certificate
  • Leaving certificate
  • University Graduation Certificate
  • Type B
  • 45

  • School Certificate
  • Old Leaving Certificate (Polish)
  • Course Certificates
  • Qualification Certs (electrical, etc.)
  • Polish Employment Certificate

Translation / Tłumaczenie

We also translate any and all other documents
not listed above.
The basis of cost is a word count and the quote is calculated as follows:

  • 0.10 per word of source language and
  • minimum fee of €30.

If the document you would like to translate is not listed above please contact us at: +353 1 64 000 30

We accept cash, cheques and Postal Orders.
You can also pay by credit card via PayPal.
Please note that certain translations may require a deposit or an upfront payment.

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